Review: Kaeng Raeng Detox Program

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I’ve never been on or used a detox program before, so when I began my trial with Kaeng Raeng‘s 3-day Detox program I really didn’t know what to expect. Was I going to be hungry all of the time? Was I going to lose weight? Was I going to feel energized or would I be sluggish? I had lots of thoughts going through my mind, and over the three days I received most of my answers.

Before starting the detox program, I looked over the instructions, which were very simple and easy to follow. Not only did they tell you how to make the smoothies with the dried mix, but they also give you details about how to prepare for a detox before you start (what to eat, etc.).

This 3-day program came with 9 packets of dried smoothie powder, 3 of each flavor, so you have three packets mixed with water or juice each day for meals. Looking through the flavors: “into the blue”, “daybreak” and “joyful” their blends of fruits all sounded tasty, and I was curious to see what added soy protein and probiotic cultures did for the taste and texture.

My first smoothie was “into the blue” which has blueberry, blackberry and banana, and was (in my opinion) the best of the three in taste. Let me add that I prepared all of the packets in a high-speed blender with roughly 26 oz. of water/ice each time, sometimes adding coconut water. One of my concerns was that the mixture would be gritty, and it was, not abrasively so, but you could definitely feel a little grainy texture.

My least favorite flavor was “daybreak”, which I thought that I would love; with promises of mango, peach and pineapple, it fell a little short in the peach and natural sweetness department. What these smoothies do have going for them is that they have a high protein content, are filled with many different vitamins and minerals and have several probiotic cultures in them. If I wasn’t super active on one of the days, I could go without snacking on raw fruits or vegetables between smoothies because they are that filling. But, at just over 200 calories a piece, if you are working out, you’ll need some healthy snacks to tie you over.

As far as feeling sluggish went, I didn’t seem to have a problem with being lethargic. I did notice that I had slimmed down just a tad after the three days were over, and I think that was mostly water weight; but, if you want to see results (as far as weight loss goes), I would recommend doing one of their longer detox programs. I feel that three days is not enough time to see tremendous changes in your body and mind.

The Kaeng Raeng detox program would be great for someone that doesn’t have the time to put together meal plans or concentrate on drastically changing their diet to jump start weight loss and just eat healthier in general. It provides you with the essentials for building a foundation, but its convenience and ease comes at a high cost for those that do not have a lot of money to spend on special detoxes.

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